They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was impossible.


I Found a Way..

To Build NEW

Single Family – Duplexes 

Patio Homes – Triplex and

Four Plex Residential Properties


My name is Steven Griffin.

I’ve been a Board-Certified Florida General Contractor since I was 20 years old (License number CGC 007217). As one of the youngest persons to ever take this 2 day State Board Examination and pass… I am authorized to build any size building… anywhere in the State of Florida. 

You can look it up here. By my name or by my license # (CGC007217)


I’ve held positions of leadership on the building of Lake Charles Regional Airport Terminal, the renovation of 145 school campuses in Orlando, the building of large military bases and various support buildings in Afghanistan for 3 years during combat operations. I’ve worked as the Design and Construction Director for a large Houston based restaurant chain during their aggressive expansion across many cities in Texas. I directed construction as the Office Engineer for Houston’s first light rail project, line section 5 which was built in Downtown Houston. 

I’ve worked for Student Housing / Multifamily Developers building Brand New Student Housing (Rental) Resort Style Apartment Communities. And more recently, one of the most successful Real Estate Investment Companies in the REHAB and RENOVATION of 40-50 Year Old … Terrace View Apartments in Blacksburg, VA (Virginia Tech), into modern cutting edge…renovated and remodeled apartments. Increasing the value, income and re-positioning the asset to be one of the top renovated student housing properties in the area. 

I pulled over 124 building permits in San Marcos Texas with my Texas contractor license (in 9 months) and built the Capstone Cottages of San Marcos. A 899 Bed Student Housing Project, with a $1 million Clubhouse and a $750K Resort Style Pool. (360,000 square foot project in 9 months = a monthly production run rate of 40,000 square feet per month). 

See the very first move in day by clicking this link below.

Since 2005 I have been building “Affordable Homes” in Wharton, Texas and surrounding communities in Texas, as Exuma Construction and Development LLC, ( 


Are You Buying Homes for Your Rental Portfolio…

Existing Homes that are often

40 – 50 – 60 YEARS OLD… or MORE !

Then spending $$$ to Fix – Rehab and Make the Old Homes …

Ready to Rent?

The Largest Builders throughout the United States are Now Building Single Family Homes 


As Seen In … Multifamily Executive Magazine… Professional Builder Magazine and MORE !


Press Play and I’ll Show you How It’s Done !

As a Wharton County Builder who’s been building “Affordable Homes” since 2005

  • We have the systems and subcontractors in place to build cost effectively.
  • Built to Rent – New Homes and units, have little maintenance as all systems are new.
  • Property insurance is typically less than older 40-50-60 year old properties.
  • Per Square Foot, new Single Family Homes are not much more per square foot than 40-50-60 year old properties.
  • With over 10 years of multifamily construction and renovation experience we know what renters want.
  • New Rental Single Family and Duplexes are in High Demand. 
  • As a landlord, you can be more selective and set higher qualifications / standards for New Single Family Homes and Duplex Rentals.
  • Buying New Rental Single Family Homes and Duplexes from a Built to Rent Builder, are typically less than paying retail… and typically buying DIRECT… there’s no real estate commission involved.


But Don’t Take MY Word For It!


“I am building up my rental portfolio with new properties that have practically no maintenance!”

John D.

“Prospective Tenants Love the New Homes!”

Mike Y.

“Building Homes Built To Rent, is really easy. I don’t have months of expensive rehab to get the home ready to rent!”

Peter S. .

My 60-Day NO RISK Guarantee

Enter into a Purchase Contract and Place an earnest money deposit with the title company, during construction. 

If after 60 days, during construction you decide you don’t want to purchase the single family home or duplex… we’ll agree to cancel your purchase contract and give you back your earnest money.

How and Why Do We Do This?… We’ll just sell the new rental home to another investor or Keep it Ourselves for Our Real Estate Investment Portfolio.

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Do you want your rental properties to “Appreciate in Value Faster”…? Newly Built Residential Properties, increase in value faster, have less maintenance expenditures, have more curb appeal and tenant like-ability. Tenants in Newly Built Residential Housing, stay longer, take care of the property better, as they know there are limited “options” for new or like – new rental properties. Rental Rates increase faster in newly built homes and duplexes. 

Yes! I want to take control of my real estate investments and my financial future!

Call and Get Instant Information about:

  • Available Single Family Homes under construction or planned. 
  • Available Duplex Homes under construction or planned. 
  • Upcoming lots or future building plans.
  • How we can BUILD on YOUR LOTS. 


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